Careers Page

We look for four areas when considering a candidate for Peak Realty

  • Character: Showing up on time; Professional appearance; Nice manners! Likeable (important in this business); Trustworthy
  • Commitment: Evidence of work ethic after going through the person’s work history. Go back to the beginning and we listen for patterns of thought and action
  • Capacity: Does the person track on what we’re talking about? Are they coming to the real estate game with a variety of experience that allows them to relate to more people?
  • Coachability: Is the agent willing to follow the Ninja Selling training program that has a 30-year proven track record in the industry?

Final Thoughts

We believe that when we find people with high character, a demonstrated work ethic proven over several years, the mental capacity to learn the Ninja Selling system, and a willingness to be coached into higher levels of success we’re talking to a candidate who’s a good fit for Peak Realty.

If you’re considering a career change, consider calling me for a real-world talk about what it takes to succeed as an agent in today’s market:  303-709-8778.