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Listing ConsultationAll Realtors, or real estate agents, are independent contractors and each chooses how to run his or her business.

I choose to provide as much information for my clients as possible, and truly maintain a high level of customer service.

In this video, I talk about my Listing Consultation and what materials and information I provide during this important meeting.

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Curious what you can do to increase the amount you net on the sale of your home? Here are 7 strategies for a successful sale, whether you are in a balanced market, seller's market or buyer's market...these will help you sell your home faster and for more money.


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Thinking of becoming a real estate agent.You are frustrated in your current position or excitedly searching out a new direction for your life. You watch tons of HGTV and just love houses. You get along with lots of different kinds of people and personalities and don’t mind talking to people you don’t know. Real estate is portrayed as a flexible career with fabulous commissions and a lifestyle that is glamorized in television and movies alike. Before you spend money and time getting your real estate license (the easiest part of the job, and least likely piece to put food on your table), let’s discuss what you need to be prepared for to have a career in real estate.

Be Prepared in your Piggy Bank

Every business has start-up costs and on-going costs, plus a lag time before you see the fruit

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6 Key Steps of the Home Buying ProcessSTEP 1: Decide to Buy

You are ready to purchase a home. Now, you must identify what you want, why you want it and if you are financially ready to purchase. Below are a few questions to help you dig into this:

1. What are your future plans?
Do you anticipate starting a family? Perhaps you expect your family expand, or maybe you are scaling down and the kids are moving out to attend college. Whatever your future goals, it is wise to clearly articulate these goals so that you can identify the house that will meet your particular needs.

2. Do you have enough cash for a down payment?
Identify how much you can afford for a down payment. Remember, you will need to have Earnest Money (typically around 1% of the value of the home) accessible to submit

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Buying a homeEvery real estate agent, or Realtor, is an independent contractor and runs their business how they see fit.

In this 10 minute video, I talk about what information we discuss at my Buyer Consultation and the educational pieces I provide clients during this initial meeting. While I provide a lot of information, most of the consultation centers around YOUR goals and expectations with the buying process.

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Over the years, I have found ways to continue to add value to my client's experience during their transaction. Not only do I hire a stager to walk us through the Buyers psyche, but I also provide basic staging to my Sellers at no cost to them so that they are not digging into their own budget quite as much to get the house ready to sell. On top of marketing, professional photos, staging, and open house events, I also have added Home Warranties to each of my transactions (both Sellers and Buyers). This is just the tip of the iceberg of the additional value my clients receive. 

I am really excited about my latest addition to the client experience. My "Kid Contract" helps your children take ownership over their part of the selling process and rewards them

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Home EquityIf you own a home in the Denver Metro Area you have likely seen 5-12% appreciation in your property value year over year since 2013.  What does that mean? Well, if you bought your home 4 years ago for $200,000.00 your home could be worth nearly $300,000, depending on your neighborhood's appreciation rates.  While you may be comfortable simply sitting on this increase, there are several ways to improve your financial portfolio utilizing your equity.

  • Refinance to Eliminate PMI: If you currently have a FHA loan you can use the equity in your home to allow you to refinance to reduce or eliminate your monthly mortgage insurance. Then you can enjoy a lower payment each month, giving you more funds to do with what you wish.
  • Home Improvements: Projects
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homeSmart income choices play an important role when buying a home—it’s not necessarily all about what you earn, but how you spend it too.

Income is a crucial component lenders consider when granting you a mortgage. It is the basis by which they are going to get repaid, because a mortgage loan is not really a loan against the property—it is loan against your ability to repay. The dwelling is simply used as collateral in the event you default on the mortgage.

A low interest rate and affordable monthly payment helps keep the cost of your new house down, and a good credit score can help you secure those. (You can see where you stand by reviewing two of your free credit scores each month on But income is a vital part of getting approved and

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Organized Shelvs

At the beginning of the year I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Entreleadership and was inspired by an interview with David Allen. He wrote "Getting Things Done" and, although I have yet to read it, the concepts he discussed on the podcast inspired me to rework how I was keeping all of the areas of my life organized. I created my own version of the Weekly Review based on his discussion and it has been instrumental in keeping me sane. In this video, I explain a bit more about the "how" and "why" of working through my version of this process.

Click Here to Download my Weekly Review Template now!

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3 Reasons Your Real Estate Offer Was RejectedBuying real estate can be extremely emotional. After looking at several homes, you finally put an offer in on one. Truthfully, you probably have already "moved yourself in" to the home in your mind. Then you receive the news that your offer was not accepted.

The best case scenario is that you are presented with a counter offer and can get a better idea of why your offer was not appealing to the seller's. Worst case, you get no feedback. Wouldn't it be better to go into the process with an understanding of why offers to purchase real estate are often rejected? 

#1 The Price Offered Was Too Low

In our current market in the Denver Metro Area, it is not uncommon to see multiple offer situations on properties priced appropriately for the

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