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From our Let's Talk Real Estate - Peak Realty podcast. There are lots of little things that can cause problems and delay a real estate closing. We explore some of these and have some fun talking about potential closing delays!

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It is time to get your home maintenance completed for fall before the cold and snow is upon us! Here is a handy list of what to check inside and out.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips




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6 Key Steps of the Home Buying ProcessSTEP 1: Decide to Buy

You are ready to purchase a home. Now, you must identify what you want, why you want it and if you are financially ready to purchase. Below are a few questions to help you dig into this:

1. What are your future plans?
Do you anticipate starting a family? Perhaps you expect your family expand, or maybe you are scaling down and the kids are moving out to attend college. Whatever your future goals, it is wise to clearly articulate these goals so that you can identify the house that will meet your particular needs.

2. Do you have enough cash for a down payment?
Identify how much you can afford for a down payment. Remember, you will need to have Earnest Money (typically around 1% of the value of the home) accessible to submit

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8 Habits of a Good Enough Clean HomeWhen our family is on a schedule, and taking baby steps towards organization every day, things just go more smoothly. When our house is in order and clean, I am calmer and able to focus. When you have kids, this goal seems like climbing a mountain backwards dragging a sled of rocks back up the mountain with you. Here are 8 habits that allow me to keep everything "good enough" around our home and, in return, I get to keep a portion of my sanity.

1) Create a Command Center
Our Command Center is in the Kitchen and is really made up of the small stretch of counter space by the refrigerator.  It is there that all the "out the door" items are stored.  My purse, keys, wallets, phones, shopping lists, bills that need paid, etc.  Also in the kitchen area is a

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Free Colorado Free Days Printable


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Click Here for the free Colorado Winter Activities Printable


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2016 Colorado Winter Activities


Alamosa Ice Fest
January 30 & 31


65th Annual Wintersköl Celebration
January 14-17

X-Games Aspen
January 28 - 31


Special Olympics Polar
February 20

February 19 - 21


Old Man Winter Bike Rally Festival
February 7

Special Olympics

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Living RoomCurious about the color trends for 2016? Pantone forecasts the "biggest" colors for the next spring. If you are wondering why that is mentioned on a real estate blog, we see that these colors not only in fashion trends. They also are well represented in home decor. Are you like me? Do you love wearing and surrounding yourself with color? If you are just itching to know what the top 10 Spring 2016 trending colors will be, keep scrolling!

1. Rose Quartz
 Rose Quartz

2. Peach Echo
Peach Echo

3. Serenity

4. Snorkel Blue
Snorkel Blue 

5. Buttercup

6. Limpet Shell
Limpet Shell

7. Lilac Gray
Lilac Gray

8. Fiesta

9. Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee

10. Green Flash
Green Flash

Want more? Check out Pantone's full 2016 Spring Fashion Color Report.

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