May 2017

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Over the years, I have found ways to continue to add value to my client's experience during their transaction. Not only do I hire a stager to walk us through the Buyers psyche, but I also provide basic staging to my Sellers at no cost to them so that they are not digging into their own budget quite as much to get the house ready to sell. On top of marketing, professional photos, staging, and open house events, I also have added Home Warranties to each of my transactions (both Sellers and Buyers). This is just the tip of the iceberg of the additional value my clients receive. 

I am really excited about my latest addition to the client experience. My "Kid Contract" helps your children take ownership over their part of the selling process and rewards them

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Home EquityIf you own a home in the Denver Metro Area you have likely seen 5-12% appreciation in your property value year over year since 2013.  What does that mean? Well, if you bought your home 4 years ago for $200,000.00 your home could be worth nearly $300,000, depending on your neighborhood's appreciation rates.  While you may be comfortable simply sitting on this increase, there are several ways to improve your financial portfolio utilizing your equity.

  • Refinance to Eliminate PMI: If you currently have a FHA loan you can use the equity in your home to allow you to refinance to reduce or eliminate your monthly mortgage insurance. Then you can enjoy a lower payment each month, giving you more funds to do with what you wish.
  • Home Improvements: Projects
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