March 2017

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Click here for the full PDF Printable of the 2017 Rockies Schedule.

2017 Colorado Rockies Schedule

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If you are still paying someone else's mortgage each month, this information is for you!


Also, if you are on the fence about purchasing a home of your own, here is a visual of the cost of waiting to buy in our current market. We don't anticipate prices to level out for many years and even longer before we will possibly see a market shift in the Buyer's favor.

Jen Allen - The Cost of Waiting

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The Big Moving Checklist

The Big Moving Checklist covers over 100 checkpoints that you should be aware of starting 8 weeks before your move and ending the day you move into your next home.

Download this easy to follow guide here or click the image above!


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When my friend Gavin Higashi asked if he could interview me because I am a positive person, I was flattered and excited to share what I have learned. I think that a lot of people that see those of us that display a positive demeanor sometimes think we are simple, ignorant, lucky, etc. I know that for most people that look on the bright side of life, it is a combination of daily choices and actions...and I would like to share some ideas and links to great resources with you! In addition, I have sprinkled images throughout this post of items I have in my home office and at the end of this post is a bonus song list of mood & mindset altering music I enjoy.

What you consume (in your body and brain), who you surround yourself with, and your daily

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